I’m also an actor. I tell stories.  Either my own, or someone elses. I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’ll be posting some of my creative writing here so stay tuned.  

More than creativity, intelligence, or drive, I believe strongly that the one things that makes a person successful (insert your own definition of success here) is perseverance. And that my friends is why I shall succeed in what I define as success.  More on that later.

There is a line in the Doctor Who episode “Blink” – Kathy Nightingale: What did you come here for anyway? Sally Sparrow: I love old things. They make me feel sad. Kathy Nightingale: What’s good about sad? Sally Sparrow: It’s happy for deep people. I love that line for it speaks to me on so […]

Thanks to the lyrical genius of The Airborne Toxic Event I have quotes to inspire me as I re-work, re-juvinate, re-invigorate, and re-surrect my old blog. Most visitors here were (and still are) directed to my website: http://www.davidwmfisher.com, but I decided I also wanted to keep my writing and acting separate, for here on this […]